Who is The Head of Safety At Movie Star Planet?

Hi everyone! We are always trying to let you know everything there is to know about Movie Star Planet. A lot of parents have questions when it comes to the safety of their children online, so we wanted to tell you about the head of safety for Movie Star Planet. This man is a man who works hard everyday to keep Movie Star Planet working properly and efficiently.

Vernon Jones is the Head of Safety at Movie Star Planet, and his role is to make sure that inappropriate conduct is not tolerated on Movie Star Planet at all. His role is to ensure the safety of the children playing the game, and keeping the online community as safe as he can. He works with a dedicated team of moderators and Community Managers in order to protect and support everyone who plays the game. All of these people handle inappropriate behavior quickly and harshly, as it is not tolerated at all.

Vernon is a registered social worker and has worked on child protection as well as safeguarding issues with law enforcement agencies throughout the various countries. He also was involved with the development of the child safety measures as part of Save the Children Denmark. Vernon is an amazing man who knows what it is like to see children be victimized whether it is in person or online, and he takes his job seriously, always making sure he is up to date on the latest scams and ways that adults try to gain trust of children for personal or financial gain.

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