What Types of Children Make Online Relationships and Friendships?

If you are a parent then you might want to know about what types of children are more likely to form online close relationships. In Movie Star Planet, your child will have the chance to make friends and talk to people through the in-game chat, and these chats are monitored which does help protect your child online. Some children might be more likely to form online close relationships though than other children, and here are some facts about which children are the most likely to make relationships online, including friendships.

Boys who have lower communication with their parents are more likely to form close online friendships and relationships than those who have better communication with parents. Also boys that reported their parents were less likely to know where they were at or who they were with tended to also form online relationships more often. That is often because boys thrive off of bonding with other people and are more social than a lot of girls are, so boys will turn to online sources, like Movie Star Planet to make online friendships that they are not getting from their parents.

Girls that had a higher level of parent-child conflicts, including nagging and yelling also were more likely to form closer online relationships and friendships than girls with a healthy parent-child relationship. Girls that are also more troubled tended to be more likely to form online friendships, including girls who were depressed, victimized, and girls who had more troubling events in their life. Girls are more than twice as likely in these groups to form online relationships and friendships than the girls who were living in a healthy household and who were not victims or depressed.

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