What is Spyware?

You might be sitting there thinking about letting your child play Movie Star Planet, but you might have some questions about potential spyware. While Movie Star Planet tries to ensure that spyware does not get onto your computer, sometimes it still can happen, and you need to know what it is so that you can be protected against it and get it removed from your system if you notice spyware right away.

Sometimes spyware is installed if someone is trying to watch a video or download music, and even though Movie Star Planet staff moderates links in virtual world, sometimes antivirus software might not pick up on the spyware. Spyware also can be used by parents to monitor what their child is doing online without them knowing, as the spyware will pick up chat conversations and monitor them so that you can know what your child is doing while on Movie Star Planet.

Spyware essentially means that the user is not aware that the internet use and activities are being monitored or watched. Spyware is software that spies on the person or people using that computer, and it can monitor every keystroke, which means usernames and passwords, as well as chat conversations are all shown if spyware is on the computer. The bad spyware, often put on by hackers and scammers, will cause unwanted popups and could contain viruses.

Spyware will show financial information, personal information, chat records, document and files created, and virtually anything else you do online or you type into the computer. If it is unwanted spying then the spyware can create many problems for you, since it could let someone have access to credit card information and passwords to sensitive websites or documents.

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