Other Movie Star Planet VIP Membership Questions

While we have already talked about some of the questions you might have about the VIP memberships, there are still a few more questions we feel that we need to answer for you. If you are a parent thinking about getting a VIP membership for your child then you need to know some of these common questions and answers to help you figure out of the VIP membership is worth it or not to purchase.

StarCoins and Diamonds Packages- If you have previously been on Movie Star Planet, you might have noticed that there were StarCoins and Diamonds packages, which are being tossed in replace of new Top-Up packages. These are working the same way as those two packages previously did, but now they will not be mistaken as being VIP packages, The StarCoins and Diamonds are separate from the actual VIP memberships, so you can buy these in addition to the VIP membership packages but not in replace of.

Daily Spins- As a VIP member, you will be able access daily spins on the StarCoin wheel, but the number of spins will depend on your VIP membership. You can see how many spins you have remaining by looking under the StarCoin wheel as soon as you login to the game. If you look in your Movie Star Planet account and then check out the “Details” page, you can see more details about the VIP options and how many spins each one comes with.

Diamonds and StarCoins Daily- On Movie Star Planet, you can now get daily diamonds and StarCoins, but this is for the Elite VIP membership only. Basically there is nothing you need to do to get the StarCoins and diamonds as they will be in your Fame Magazine every day just as a thank you for being a VIP member on Movie Star Planet.

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