Movie Star Planet Gift Certificate Questions

Hi everyone! We know that you might be wondering about gift certificates on Movie Star Planet, and we want to answer some of those questions for you that you might have. Knowing about the gift certificates will ensure that you are all caught up on what the gift certificates are and how they work in case you get your child one or you have one already that you have not used yet.

Old Gift Certificates- If you have been on Movie Star Planet for a while, then you might have some old gift certificates from back in the day that you have not used. These old gift certificates have been replaced by four different gift certificates, which are for Elite VIP memberships. If you have an old gift certificate don’t worry, as you can still use that old gift certificate on Movie Star Planet, and then you still will get everything that is on that gift certificate as well.

So just because it might not be no longer on the website, you don’t have to worry about missing out as it is still valid on the website, and everything with that gift certificate you also will still get. The old gift certificates for reference included Normal VIP though, and not any Super or Elite VIP membership so keep that in mind.

Recurring Payments Active and Gift Certificate Use- If you have recurring payments turned on and want to use a gift certificate you can still do this as well. Once you activate your gift certificate on the website, the VIP membership you have will be paused and this means that the gift certificate membership is activated instead. After that gift certificate membership expires, then you will be going back to your recurring normal membership.

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