Movie Star Planet Common Issues Answered

At mspcheatsblog, we understand you might have some questions about Movie Star Planet. While we already got to some of these common questions, there are still some more questions that we felt needed answered to help you get through the game and solve your common problems.

Site Not Loading Properly– If Movie Star Planet is not loading or loading properly, try to redownload Adobe Flash Player. You can check your add-ons and see if you are using the latest version of Adobe Flash or go to the website of Adobe and it will tell you what you are using and if you have the latest version. You also need to be using the latest version of your browser in order to get all of the parts of the website to load properly.

How to Delete Your Account– If you would like to delete your account, simply click the “Help” button which is the question mark, and then click on “My User” and go to “Delete Account” and boom you are done. You should know though that all of the StarCoins associated with the account will be lost, and you cannot get your account back once you delete it.

A Lock Number Appears- If you see a lock number on your computer screen, this means you have been banned from Movie Star Planet, which is done by banning your IP address. If you think that this was wrong or that you shouldn’t be banned, then send the lock number to support, and then explain why you think this is an error, and then include your username.

Issues Paying With Credit Cards– The first thing you need to do is make sure you are allowing pop-up windows in your browser, which means you might have to disable ad blockers to get the pop-up to appear. You can clear your history and cache as well which might help, and then recheck the information you entered in and try again. If you are using a prepaid card, it may not work, so if you can’t get the prepaid card to go through then it probably just won’t so try another card.

If You Notice Items Missing- If you see items are missing from your user then go to your room and click “Edit My Room” and you will see the items in your “Items List.” If you are missing a pet, check the Pet Hotel and it probably is there waiting for you.

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