More Tips to Keep Your Child Safe on Movie Star Planet

Hey there guys! On mspcheatsblog, we know that we have already talked a little bit about how parents can keep their kid safe while on Movie Star Planet. Did you know there are even more ways you can protect your child online while playing this game? Knowing how to protect your child in the game will allow you to feel more at ease as they spend time on Movie Star Planet and begin talking to people from all over the world. Here are some more ways that you can ensure your children are safe while playing the game as well.

The first thing to do is make sure you set rules and boundaries before letting your child play the game. This means setting boundaries on how long they can play the game, when they can play the game, and whether or not they need to ask you before logging into the game.

It is cool if your child makes a friend online, but if they want to talk to them over the phone, make sure your child uses a voice changer to change their voice. There could be ways your child could talk via voice message too, so you need to go over the rules when talking to friends online, especially if you allow them to call a friend that they met over the internet. This should not be something you let a younger child do, but teenagers might be more interested in FaceTime or talking to their friend, so set these rules up early on.

You should know that no matter what you try to do or how safe you are, harassment and bullying can happen. Talk to your child about what to do if it does happen, including talking to you when it starts, and also reporting the player through Movie Star Planet so that appropriate action can be taken against that player, including suspending their account if needed.

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