Making a Movie on Movie Star Planet

You might have heard about Movie Star Planet, which is a game for kids where you can make movies and friends. Although you might have heard about about Movie Star Planet, you might not know how to get started making movies, so we are going to tell you about how to do that right now.

Click on “New Movie” sign which is in the “Creative” area, and then select up to 6 movie stars of your choice to be in the movie. You can choose any of your own movie stars or those of your friends, and also extras. Once the movie stars are selected, they will line up, and from this line-up you can change the clothing on each of them, but they must own the clothing in order for you to change it.

After you got the movie stars and the clothing picked out, simply go into the Movie Studio and begin directing each scene of your movie. You want to enter speech lines and then select animations as well for your movie. There is a timeline bar at the bottom of the page and this helps you select and progress the time from each scene in the movie, and you can decide on where each star should be and what each movie star should be doing at each time.

After that, once the movie is done, you can publish the movie by clicking “Send to Friends” and once this is published there is nothing else you need to do or can do. The movie cannot be changed afterwards either. Only published movies will be able to earn StarCoins and Fame.

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