How Parents Can Keep Their Kid Safe on Movie Star Planet

Hi everyone! At mspcheatsblog, we want you to know that there are many ways you can keep your kids safe while on Movie Star Planet. Movie Star Planet has a lot of rules in place to keep children safe, but as a parent, there are several things you can do as well.

First thing is to make sure the computer is in a common place in the house, which allows you to more easily see what is going on in the screen. This is very helpful if your child is playing Movie Star Planet and is still under the age of 14 or15 and has limited computer experience.

You want to also talk to your child about not giving out personal information, even something as simple as their name or their location. Maybe make up a fake name your child could use in the game so that if someone asks them their name, they can have a pen name that they could tell them.

Play Movie Star Planet yourself or at least sit with your child for the first few days, and this can help you get a feel for the game and what it is all about before unleashing your child into the game. By sitting down and playing with your child, you are learning about the game, and also bonding with your child and what they like to do.

You want to sit down and create a username with your child, making sure it does not contain anything vulgar or contain any personal information. Make sure your child knows about creating usernames that do not divulge any information they do not want known or that could identify them.

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