Guide to Netiquette on Movie Star Planet

Have you ever heard of netiquette? Well this is basically the online guidelines for acceptable behavior, and there is quite a bit of netiquette when you are playing Movie Star Planet. Here we are going to talk about the netiquette you need to use while interacting on Movie Star Planet, and this is important for both parents and children to understand.

First thing is that you do not want to use all capital letters, as this is considered shouting, and you do not want people to think you are yelling or shouting at them.

You also do not want to send out unsolicited messages, which is called spamming, and it will get you banned on Movie Star Planet.

You also should know that anything posted on Movie Star Planet, such as in the forums, is not private, and this means that any links or pictures you post could be copied and end up on another website. You never want to put your personal information out there or any pictures because this information could end up somewhere else and someone with bad intentions could do something bad with that information, such as harass you.

Do not “flame” anyone, it is called flaming when you insult someone, such as posting up a hostile message or a threatening message. If you flame someone on Movie Star Planet you could very easily get banned from the game, and you just do not want to do that and get into trouble with the staff.

Check the forums before jumping in to make sure that you are welcome in that forum thread. Sometimes on Movie Star Planet or other sites, people will be talking about a specific issue, so you do not want to chime in with something if that is not what is being talked about, it is basically like butting into a conversation in real life. Make sure your wanted in that forum before going in there, as that is what is called netiquette.

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