Guide to Cyber-Stalking

While Movie Star Planet tries through various filters and moderation techniques to keep cyber-stalking from happening, it can happen from time to time, and it is important to know what cyber-stalking is. If you and your child knows what cyber-stalking is then it makes it more likely you will be able to report the actions before it becomes more severe online, and you can get the person into trouble both online and offline if needed. Here is a guide about what cyber-stalking is and how you can know if you are a victim.

Basically when you use the internet to stalk someone this is called cyber-stalking, and it can happen through various ways online, such as through personal messages, online forum messages, email, and almost every other way people communicate while online. It is true that cyber-stalking can happen offline, but the beginning of the cyber-stalking must have happened online for it to be considered cyber-stalking, such as through a personal website or webpage, or through a social website like Facebook or an online game. The cyber-stalking can happen from across the country or down the street, since you never know who you are really talking to at the other end of the computer.

If you are a victim of cyber-stalking you might have a fear of bodily harm from the perpetrator, as well as fear of harm coming to your family, and you might also fear death as a result of the perpetrator harassing you online. Movie Star Planet saves data and personal information online for a period of time just in case a situation like this happens, so make sure you report it immediately to Movie Star Planet staff so that it can be dealt with immediately. If it continues to happen, then law enforcement should be called, especially if threats towards you or your family are happening and not stopping.

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