CRISP Thinking Part of Moderation on Movie Star Planet

As a parent, you likely want to make sure that your child is kept safe on the websites they visit, especially websites like Movie Star Planet. There are a lot of ways that children are kept safe on Movie Star Planet, but it is important that you understand these methods of keeping your child safe online so you know how the moderation works. If you are a child who wants to play Movie Star Planet, you also should know the moderation techniques because it can help you feel more comfortable on the website, and also will let you know what is or is not tolerate on the site, which can keep you from getting banned too.

CRISP Thinking Software is one of the many ways that the moderators on Movie Star Planet will be keeping you safe while you play the game. CRISP Community Management Software System is part of the moderation process, which includes word filtering and safeguarding procedures. CRISP is a comprehensive set of chat filtering tools, which use an Appropriate List and a Blocked List to ensure your child is always safe while interacting in the game.

The Appropriate List is a list of approved words, while the Blocked Lists are inappropriate words or banned words, and both of these lists are evolving and changing all of the time. CRISP allows for a more comprehensive word filtering and detection process, which is used in combination with live human moderators. CRISP allows the moderators to track down the users who are being inappropriate and take action when needed, such as banning the player.

This software is automated which means that it will remove the offensive words and behaviors immediately, and then the live staff of moderators will be able to follow up when needed. While a lot of the moderation on Movie Star Planet is from live human people, this CRISP software helps the moderators continue to update their lists of banned and approved words, and keeps things running when moderators are not always around.

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