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Moviestarplanet Hack for Fame

Fame points in Moviestarplanet determine what level your character is ranked in the game.  You can earn fame points by doing different activities in Moviestarplanet like playing games and interacting with other players.  It can take a long time to build up fame points though so it’s easier to just use a hack.


How to Hack MSP for Fame Points

Moviestarplanet fame hack programs work similarly to the Starcoin and Diamond hacks.  You basically just download the hack tool onto your computer then enter how many fame points you want to add to your account.  Below I’ll show you exactly how to use one of the fame hack tools I found.

1. Choose a hack program to use for adding fame to your account.  There are lots of different hack tools out there that say they will work but some of them are scams.  This is why you need to be careful when choosing a fame hack to use.  I’ll post a safe fame hack below.

2. Once you find a good hack tool to use, you will probably need to download it onto your computer.  Some online hack tools will say they will work without a download but usually you need to download the program.

3. Follow whatever instructions come with the fame hack tool.  Each hack program is different so you may have to enter your username and password in order for it to work.  The hack I’ve pictured below will let you choose whether you want to add Starcoins, Diamonds, VIP, or Fame to your account.  Choose what type of hack you want to do then click “Add Selected Items” to start the hack.


4. Let the Fame hack tool run until it says it is done adding the points to your account.  Now log in to check and make sure that it worked.  If the fame hack worked correctly then the fame should be added to your account right away.


5. Enjoy your new higher level in the game!  You can keep using the fame hack tool to add more fame points but don’t over-do it.  I recommend only using the tool once a week so that you don’t get flagged for hacking.  Good luck!

Highschool Easter Competition

In case you haven’t seen yet, the latest movie competition is the Highschool Easter Competition!  The theme of this competition is…you guessed it, Easter!  You can enter a movie, artbook, look, or even a room design for this contest.


If you are planning on entering a movie to the competition, just be sure you include the following sentences in your film:

  • happy Easter
  • school is fun
  • The bunny is cute

Make sure you decorate your scenes and characters with bright colors for spring and Easter!  I cant wait to see what videos everyone comes up with!

There’s even a bunch of new clothing and outfits you can choose from!


Moviestarplanet Glitter Grunge Competition

Today’s the last day to enter the Glitter Grunge competition on MSP!  Be sure to submit your entries if you haven’t already!  If you’re into punk rock style with some glitter, this is the competition for you.


You can be creative and come up with whatever kind of movie you want.  Just be sure to include these sentences in your movie:

  • Cool outfit
  • I love neon
  • Be unique

Those are the only requirements of the Glitter Grunge competition.  Remember that the contest closes today so hurry up and get your entries in!

There’s also lots of cool items and outfits you can choose from too!  Make your movie stars look just how you want.


First place gets 14 days of VIP membership, 14 diamonds, and 3000 starcoins.  Second place gets a week of VIP, 7 diamonds, and 2000 starcoins!

Have you entered yet?  What do you think the next contest will be?

Moviestarplanet Lucky Clover Movie Competition

The latest Moviestarplanet movie competition is the Lucky Clover competition!  Just in time for spring and St Patrick’s Day, the  Lucky Clover competition is the perfect opportunity to celebrate!


There’s a bunch of new lucky clothing you can use for the movie competition too!  Check out all of the cool stuff you can buy!


The only rules of the competition are to make it lucky themed.  You also must include these three phrases in your video:

  • look great in green
  • look at all the green
  • I am so lucky

I look forward to seeing some of your entries!

Moviestarplanet Desert Rose Competition

So there’s only two days left to enter the MSP Desert Rose movie competition…have you entered yet?!  I think this is one of the coolest movie competitions they’ve done yet, I love western cowboy stuff!


Your movie entry can be any story you come up with but be sure to include these words and sentences:

  • Howdy
  • Let me play you a song
  • Lovely sunset

That’s it!  I’ve been having fun looking through all of the entries on there.  Send me a link to your movie if you’ve got one!

Moviestarplanet Diamond Hack

Diamonds are another form of currency on Moviestarplanet.  They can be used to purchase special items that cannot be bought with Starcoins.  It used to be that the only way to get diamonds was to buy a VIP membership.  VIP members get a number of diamonds when they first sign up for VIP.  They also get a few diamonds every day as an extra bonus.


How to Do a Hack for Diamonds in MSP

If you’re not a VIP member, you’re not out of luck.  Lots of players use a hack to get diamonds in MSP.  The Moviestarplanet diamond hack works similar to the Starcoin hack.  Most of the diamond hack programs require a download, there is usually no way around it.

Step 1: Search for a diamond hack program.  Luckily you’ve already done this because you’re at the right place!  I’ll post the best diamond hack I can find below.


Step 2: Download the diamond hack onto your computer and follow the instructions to install it.  It should be a pretty small file and wont take long to download.

Step 3: Read the instructions how to do the diamond hack.  Type in your username and whatever other information the hack tool needs to work.  It will usually ask you to enter how many diamonds you want to add to your account too.  Then just click “Go” or “Start” to run the hack tool.


Step 4: The diamond hack should start working right away.  Log on to your Moviestarplanet account to check if the diamond hack has added the diamonds to your account.


Step 5: That’s it! Enjoy the free diamonds that have been added to your account.  You can spend them on whatever you want!

Diamond Hack Tips

  • You might have to do a VIP hack first in order for the diamond hack to work.  Some users have been able to do it without being a VIP members, others have not.
  • Just like the Starcoin hack, don’t overuse the diamond hack tool.  If you add a million diamonds to your MSP account it will look suspicious and you might get banned.
  • Be sure to follow all of the instructions to use the diamond hack correctly.
  • If you know of any other hints that might help other players, please post them in the comments!

Moviestarplanet Hack for VIP

Moviestarplanet is available for anyone to play for free but it limits the amount of features you can access.  In order to use all the features and get the most out of Moviestarplanet, you need a VIP membership.  A VIP membership for MSP can cost up to $80/year so it’s pretty expensive.  That’s why a lot of players choose to do a VIP membership hack.


How to Do a MSP VIP Hack

In order to do a hack for free VIP membership, you need to find a hack program.  Some of these hacks can be done online but most of them require you to download a program onto your computer.  They also might ask you to “Share” them on Facebook or take a short survey to gain access to the download.  There usually isn’t a way to get around this, just make sure you’re getting a good hack program before you go through the work of doing a survey.

1. Look for a good VIP hack program to use.  VIP hacks can be a bit more difficult than a Starcoin hack.  This is because you’re getting a membership for free which usually costs money.  That makes it harder to find a VIP hack that actually works.  Check if there are any reviews on the VIP hack you are planning to use.  If other people say it has worked for them then it’s probably fine to use.

2. Download or use the VIP hack.  As I mentioned earlier, some hacks require you to download a program to your computer and others will work by going through a website.  I’ve found that most of the VIP hack programs need to be downloaded to your computer.

3. Be sure to follow whatever instructions the hack tells you to do.  Some of them make you enter your username and even your password before you can use them.  This is why you need to make sure that the hack is safe before entering your account information.  Some hacks will let you add Starcoins or Diamonds while also giving you VIP.


4. Once you’ve chosen the type of hack you want to do and how many Starcoins you want to add, just click “Start” or in this case “Patch Game”.  This will start the VIP hack.

5. Login to your MSP account to check if the VIP hack worked.  If it did, you’ll know right away.  Enjoy your free VIP membership!

Moviestarplanet Hack for Starcoins

Most items in Moviestarplanet can be purchased using Starcoins which is the main currency in the game.  Starcoins can be earned by playing games and doing other activities but this can take time to get a lot of them.  That’s why a lot of MSP players use a “Starcoin Hack” to get tons of Starcoins very quickly.

How to Do a Starcoin Hack

Most Starcoin hacks require you to download a software that will add the Starcoins to your account.  Other hacks make you take a survey before you can use their hack tool.  Many users try to find Starcoin hacks that require “no download” or “no survey” but almost every hack you will find will make you do one or the other.

Step 1: Find a Starcoin hack program to use.  I’ll post some links to download good ones when I find them.  From my experience, the hacks that require you to download a program seem to work the best.  A lot of the survey ones seem to not work very well.

Step 2: Download the Starcoin hack and install the software on your computer.  Most of these programs are quick to download and should be ready to go as soon as they’re installed.

Step 3: Follow the instructions for how to use the hack tool.  Usually you have to enter your username and choose how many Starcoins you want to add to your account.  Then just click “Activate” or “Run” to start the Starcoin hack!  Here’s what one of the Moviestarplanet hack tools I’ve used looks like.


Step 4: Login to your MSP account to make sure that the hack has worked and the Starcoins are in your account.  Most of the hack tools will put the Starcoins in your account instantly so you will be able to tell right away if it worked.


Step 5: You’re done! Now you can spend the Starcoins on whatever items you want!  If you run out, you can always add more Starcoins later.

MSP Starcoin Hack Tool Tips

  • Do not over-use the hack tools.  If you add like a million Starcoins to your account every day, your account might get flagged for hacking or cheating.  I usually don’t add more than 100,000 Starcoins at a time to avoid this.
  • Be sure to do your research on a hack tool before you download it.  Make sure you find it on a legitimate website (like this one).
  • Follow the instructions for the hack tool correctly.  If the tool says “only use once per day” then only use it one time per day, etc.
  • If you figure out any helpful hints or tips, be sure to leave them in the comments here so it will help other players!

Moviestarplanet Boonie Bounce App for Apple iOS


Boonie Bounce is one of the latest Moviestarplanet apps for Apple iOS.  This fun new game is all about seeing how high your Boonie can bounce!


In this game, you play as a Boonie and try to bounce off of dots, Starcoins and Fame Stars to try to jump as high as you can.  The higher you bounce, the more Starcoins and Fame you earn!


You can even unlock special power boosts to help you bounce even higher!  Try to bounce off of Starcoins and Fame to earn more points but watch out for the evil skulls that try to hurt you…


There are lots of cool levels to unlock and explore!  Some of the levels are the monster castle, green hills, and neon party.  How far will you get in Boonie Bounce?


Another great part about Boonie Bounce is you can transfer all of the Fame and Starcoins you earn to Moviestarplanet.  Now you can earn Starcoins and Fame on the go and then spend them on Moviestarplanet when you get home!


Boonie Bounce is free to download and is a great addition to your collection of apps and games.  If you love those cute little Boonies from Moviestarplanet, be sure to get Boonie Bounce for iOS!


New Fame Levels Added to Moviestarplanet

So today I logged in and noticed that there has been an update to the fame levels in MSP!  I got this popup message saying that there were new fame levels added and now there are even more ways to earn fame!


Just click on the “Claim” button to get more fame!  When I clicked it, I got all the way up to level 3 on one of my accounts!  The only thing was that they didn’t say what the new ways to earn fame were…

From what I’ve heard, this fame update is for everyone and some people have even moved up 5 levels!  What do you think of this new update?